Apple Siri Alternative for Android and Blackberry

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I have nothing against the IPhone, it’s cool, smooth and the kids love it. I just don’t like Apple (or anyone) telling me what I can have and what I cannot. I am still trying to figure out why they have shunned flash player on their new devices (I assume it’s because they cannot encapsulate the code right and if it fails it blows up the OS). I also believe that for business use the Android or Blackberry is a much better choice.

There are several Siri like personal assistants out there already, my favorite is called Vlingo. Go to the app store, it’s free with ads and 2 bucks with no adds. It does it all like Siri and the voice recognition is better than what comes with the Android, I have not tested it with the Blackberry. Even if you just use the voice dialing feature it’s worth it. It has all the features like searching for answers and speaking them to you, navigate to somewhere and setup your to-do files. It can send a text or email just by speaking the commands, easy to get used to. If you have it on auto read texts it will do just that, be careful this could be embarrassing. It also has a car feature that allow it to be always listening so you do not have to touch the phone at all just say “hey vlingo” and it will ask you what you want to do. This feature will use up the battery so be warned, plug it in.

Give it a try, if anything it’s pretty cool to see this technology finally work. Let me know what you think about this or other goods apps that you use that actually makes your day more productive.