How to make your Turbo NAS more secure

QNAP strives to provide Turbo NAS users with the most secure possible environment and to meet the challenges of new and more complicated network attacks. To maintain a secure environment, we also recommend that our users follow the below guidelines to protect their files & data.

Q: How do I enhance the security of my Turbo NAS using services provided by QNAP?

A: QNAP provides lots of services to strengthen Turbo NAS security. Here are seven settings that can assist in providing a secure environment for your Turbo NAS.

1. Enable Network Access Protection

Enabling this option can strengthen your system’s security and deny repeated attacks. You can set conditions to block IP addresses or common communication protocols.

Steps to enable Network Access Protection: “Control Panel” > “System Settings” > “Security” > “Network Access Protection” > Click “Enable Network Access Protection”