Should I hit unsubscribe or not?

There are several things to consider in using the unsubscribe option, usually at the bottom of emails.  If the email is from a well-known site that you may have used at some time but no longer wish to see their marketing emails then using the unsubscribe is usually fine and will stop emails from that web-site. 

On the other hand, if this is from people or websites you never heard of be careful, some of these unsubscribe links are weaponized with Malware. It may look like it is unsubscribing you but you are clicking on at least 2 buttons to get there, potentially executing the Trojan.

There are ways to reduce spam, especially from bad actors. I will not go into that here but will post this week my top 5 best ways to reduce unwanted spam without having to hit unsubscribe. I will post in the Pelstar Forum.

This is a good read from Sophos.