We found a HUGE toad

Found this toad on the patio yestarday, huge! never seen one so big.

Sonoran Desert toad
(Bufo alvarius)

Order: Salientia
Family: Bufonidae (true toads)
Other common names: Colorado River toad
Spanish name: sapo grande

Distinguishing Features

At 7 inches (18 cm) or more this is one of the largest toads native to North America. Adults have a uniformly green to greenish-gray dorsum (topside of the body) and creamy white venter (underside). Large white turbercles, or “warts,”are found at the angle of the jaw, but aside from the large parotoid glands and a few large lumps on the hind legs, this species has relatively smooth skin. Recently metamorphosed toadlets will be tan to green with orange or red spots on the dorsum. Unlike other male toads in our region, male Sonoran Desert toads do not have dark throats; males develop darkened, thick callosities (calluses) on the inside of the thumbs of the forelimbs during the breeding season