Quick Books File corrution issues

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Quick Books File corrution issues

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This error indicates a corruption in one of the table in company file. Most of such cases can be repaired directly by the newly launched "QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool".

Refer to the Knowledge Base link below:
http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/su ... les/899095

You will find a link to install this tool in the above knowledge base article.

You can also download the tool from below location

Once the tool is installed, copy the company file to the local machine. Use the browse button on the tool to select the company file and press "Diagnose/Repair"

If the issue is fixed then you will get a success message else you will get the exact issue in the company file.

If it indicates that the company file is corrupted and needs to be escalated, then you need to call Intuit Support. Refer to link below for more details on calling support.

http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Su ... Step1.aspx

Please use it and let us know the results.

Also request you to submit the feedback directly from the tool using the button "Submit log/feedback to Intuit"

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