TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP

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TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP

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The developers of the Windows XP Operating System have made available to the general public and for free, a powerful tool that makes performing certain changes to the user interface (UI) a simple process. Many people do not feel comfortable making changes to the user interface through the Windows Registry, so this is a perfectly safe alternative. While browsing the TweakUi utility, you can find many helpful descriptions of what certain changes are and how they effect the operating system.

As you navigate through the many categories, just know that any change you make can be undone by simply reversing the step in which you made the change. In most cases, a change is made in just a couple of mouse clicks.

There are many useful tweaks that aide in the customization of the operating system to create either better performance or improve functionality. But, since tweaking is more of a personal preference, I will leave it to you to explorer the hundreds of possibilities on your own. Click the following link for a free TweakUI download for Windows XP: ... rtoys.mspx

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